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Jewellery Care

Most of the jewellery we sell is solid sterling silver - and looking after it will ensure that your item will remain in top condition.

Silver is a fairly soft metal that needs a little love and care to keep it looking its best.

TIP : - silver will naturally tarnish in the air, but this process is greatly aggravated by being in contact with perfume, sprays, deodorants and make up. To protects its lovely gleam, put on your jewellery AFTER any perfumes or other substances.

TIP: - If you have a  piece of fine silver jewellery, how you store it when not being worn is important.

Try to keep it protected in a bag or pouch - and silver likes to be kept dark and cool - it will tarnish in sunlight and will get scratched if it's loose with other jewellery.

TIP: cleaning. If you're wearing silver regularly, then just a wipe with a soft duster should keep it in good condition. If there's some tarnish and dirt, then a proper silver polishing cloth will do the trick. Only use dips or wipes if there's serious tarnishing, or where an item, like a chain, has intricate parts that a duster won't reach.

Most silver polishes are good, Silvo would be our recommendation. 

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