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Land Rover Hi Cap

Background:Earlier in the year,my Land Rover was on sale on ebay. A buyer (S.W) placed a deposit but despite very frequent attempts to communicate with him, he has not been in touch for some months - so it is for sale again. Price guide; I will not sell for less than £1700. Anyone interested can e-mail me at; home 'phone is 019755 71718 (before 9pm please) work 'phone is 019755 63760 and I'm usually there tuesdays and wednesadays + Sat morning.
Thanks to all.

1986, as seen in following images. I realise buying a vehicle unseen is full of pitfalls. I am anxious to convey the most complete picture of the LR as possible.I do not want someone to travel  some big distance to discover the vehicle is different to the description I have given. If you wish an image taken, to show a particular area or part, I will post it here on request. I will have a go at including a short video as well. Any buyer must be aware of the condition of the rear chassis, which will need major work/ replacement. Last MOT was 2009. V5 present  as is spare wheel.

 VIDEO LR starting and driving - 7th Nov 22

VIDEO  Tour round underneath LR, starting from front offside 7th Nov 22.


VIDEO LR engine compartment 7th Nov 22.

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