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gaelo girl # 2


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           About our GAELO made Bracelets:     

               If you see a Gaelo made bracelet you like, please note its length. It's a wise move to make
               a measurement of your wrist before ordering; just use a piece of string. Let us know,  in
               advance, if the length needs to be altered. Alterations are free when the bracelet cost is
               over   £100 -  otherwise it's £15. Most of our bracelets can be altered, but not all. There'll  
               be a  note in  each item's description.
              Most of our designs are unique and non repeatable unless otherwise stated in the
              description. A few of our bracelets, such as the black and silver ones are standard, non
              unique, stock items.
              They are strung on nylon coated stainless steel wire. The clasps are mostly
              of the sliding tube type.

             All clasps, spacers, beads, tubes etc are made of solid silver, gold or gold plated silver.....
             we never use plated base metal in any of our jewellery. Generally, we will not hallmark the
             silver  components of our bracelets (clasp/spacer bars etc.) as this adds a cost. Please let
             us  know if you  would like your bracelet specially hallmarked at the Edinburgh Assay Office. 
             The cost of this is an extra £30.


 G  A  L  L  E  R  Y 

  Gaelo girl     Just a few of the many bracelets we have designed and made.

bracelet - carnelian and silver bracelet bracelet - goldstone + silver

bracelet-semi precious

bracelet in gaelo box jade/silver/gold bracelet  A Gaelo Bracelet
 Detail of Semi Precious Stone Bracelet  
Gaelo Semi Precious Stone Bracelet - in its box
A 3 Strand Gaelo Bracelet
gaelo bracelet
 Hematite and pyrites  bronzite bracelet  jaspers  onyx and silver
 azurite bracelet  azurite bracelet  bracelet  Wood/carnelian etc
 amethyst + iolite  carnelian and quartz  multi stone bracelet  amethyst



 G A E L O
j e w e l l e r y










































1 Greystone Road, Alford
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB33 8TZ
Tel: 01975 563760

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