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With the usual disclaimer that we are not responsible for the content of other peoples' sites - GAELO recommends:-

Alan Baillie:                 we work closely with silversmith Alan Baillie. He has his own webspace at:

Helen Plumb:             Helen is a colleague and friend. We recommend her unreservedly for top 
                                      Helen's profile on our site: Click here:
                                      Helen's own website:

Lava Jewellery: 
         Duncan and Jacqui Grant make a fine range of jewellery and their website is
                                      always   recommended!                                         




Other High quality sites we recommend are: The Aberdeenshire site is a good first call for those wishing to know more about this area of Scotland.  For those who may be visiting the West Coast of Scotland, we recommend this site - run by Anja (pronounced Anthea) Peters. Anja organises tours and walks on the West Coast and Loch Ness areas;  we know from experience that she does a great job.


















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