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          We are based in the North East of Scotland, in Aberdeenshire; our office is at  Kildrummy,
          our workshops are near Kildrummy and our shop is in Alford.
          Kildrummy is about 35 miles west of Aberdeen, and Alford, 26 miles from Aberdeen.

          Gaelo and Gaelo Jewellery are/is Michael Hendry T/A Gaelo and Gaelo Jewellery.
          Gaelo jewellery is a partnership of  Michael Hendry and Catherine Caseau.


      We began this business in 2003/4 and we are makers of jewellery... and importers from many
      small specialist suppliers. 
      Catherine Caseau is our main designer and maker, and most of the necklaces and bracelets
      on the website are made by her.
       Our shop in Alford offers a wide range of jewellery - the collection is made of items you will
       not  usually find on the High Street!  We have probably one of the best collections of semi
       precious  necklaces in the country and we specialise in items that are individual rather than
       mass produced.
       These  individual items are supported by a wide range of stock items - chains, chokers and
       earrings. Our stock is mostly solid sterling silver with semi precious stones and our prices
       begin at about £10 and range up to about £800-1000.  

       We are always happy to hear from our clients.

         'Gaelo'  is a Registered Trade Mark.
         Specific items of our jewellery are protected by Registered Design Numbers at the UK Patent
         All images and text are the Copywrite property of Michael Hendry.
         Bank details are available in the appropriate circumstances.

















1 Greystone Road, Alford
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB33 8TZ
Tel: 01975 563760
eMail: info@gaelo.co.uk

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