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 Helen Plumb ....Fine Gem  Jewellery


                                 Helen Plumb.

Helen Plumb is undoubtedly one of Scotland's
foremost gemologists.
Based in Aberdeen, Helen has achieved a very
high reputation for producing gem jewellery of the
finest calibre and quality....her contact details are at the bottom of this page.

About Helen:
Helen Plumb, an internationally recognised gemmologist, is delighted to explain about the fascinating world of gemstones. Graduating with a First in Geological Sciences from the University of Durham in 1985, she has been enthralled by the beauty and complexity of diamonds and coloured gemstones for many years. In 1989 she was awarded the Tully Medal, graduating as the highest achieving student in the Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain’s (GAGTL) international diploma examinations. After gaining a Fellowship Diploma (FGA) and Diamond Diploma (DGA), both with distinction, she went on to become an examiner for GAGTL, assessing jewellers, valuers, curators, auctioneers and other professionals on their ability to identify natural, treated, simulated and synthetic gemstones. In 1997 she moved to Brazil for four years and worked with a jewellery manufacturer, selecting for jewellery the aquamarines, emeralds, tourmalines, amethysts, citrines and other beautiful coloured gemstones that are mined there.

                              G A L  L E R Y

 BrownTourmaline and dimaond ring Ring of pinkish  brown tourmaline, 9.87ct, set with 0.54ct white diamonds in 18 carat white gold. Centre stone 15 x 13mm.
 Pearls & Gems




Cranberry coloured
 pearl necklace £195

Beryl & Diamond ring  £1885

Amethyst &  golden beryl trillion cut pendant in 18ct yellow gold.





. Emerald pear ring



 Emerald and diamond ring set in 18 carat gold and platinum. 18 x 11mm


 Contact Details:
Helen Plumb

Phone: 07732   835704
e-mail: info@just-gems.co.uk
web: http://www.just-gems.co.uk/

1 Greystone Road, Alford
Aberdeenshire, Scotland, AB33 8TZ
Tel: 01975 563760
eMail: info@gaelo.co.uk

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