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  G A L L E R Y
  Gaelo design and manufacture.

bracelet - carnelian and silver massive garnet necklace bracelet simple pearls & silver
 necklace - montana agate Necklace lapis & gold Pearls - simple necklace onyx and silver
necklace amber Lava & silver necklace  model 1  black and white
 Brooch - tartan  bracelet-semi precious  Detail - triple strung crysocholla  necklace serpentine + earrings
 necklace ametrine  Carnelian necklace  Tartan brooch  necklace serpentine
 'spider' necklace silver/azurite  Necklace  bracelet  detail silver azurite
 13Nov 104  bracelet - goldstone + silver  necklace - carnelian and Lapis  silver and lapis necklace + maker!
 jasper necklace + earrings  jasper necklace  multi stone bracelet  necklace morganite & aquamarine
necklace sardonyx + silver necklace onyx and jade lava + silver and vermeil bracelet in gaelo box
detail azurite & 18ct gold necklace masive lapis + crystal+silver/gold necklace Himalayan tourmaline/Afghan 22ct gold necklace detail himalaya/afghan necklace
 silver/vermeil necklace      
































































































































































































































































































































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